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    Bridging academia research with industrial needs

  • Some information about us

    We are a small company with a big vision

    Founded in 2023 in Veria, NanoQ is an established Greek player, able to cover all the processes needed for the development of novel Nanomaterials with high reliability standards. Our dream and vision is to become the interface of the nanomaterials academia research and the industry needs, to provide high quality nanomaterials based on the era needs.

    Materials & Applications

    We design development processes for specialized nanomaterials to be used in environmental, biomedical, engineering, pharmaceutical and space applications.

    Project Management

    We support the upscale of processes to high TRLs and MRLs, submission of scientific and technical proposals, coordination of research actions and industrial production operations.


    We have access to cutting edge instrumentation in advanced facilities in Greece and abroad to provide our customers services with high reliability standards.

    What we do?

    Combining Applied Informatics with Materials Science and adding the years of experience in both research and industrial activities, we are able to provide to our clients a wide range of services to cover their needs.

    • Proposal preparation

      We provide support to our clients during the proposal preparation and submission.

    • Project management

      We have developed a unique management system to ensure the effective execution of projects.

    • Risk management

      We identify the possible risks in the development process and provide targeted solutions.

    • Innovative perspective

      We provide state of the art innovative solutions and ideas to our clients.

    • SoA facilities

      We provide to our clients access to cutting edge instrumentation in advanced facilities in Greece and abroad.

    • Optimization tools

      We conduct Techno-economic analyses, Life Cycle Assesments (LCA) and specialized studies.

    • Goal achievement

      We help our clients to reach their goals effectively and efficiently.

    • Cost effective

      We provide cost effective solutions and services to our clients.

    Our awesome team


    Co-founder & CEO

    Applied Informatics and Multimedia engineer with more than 8 years experience in the management of space related programs and more than 10 in total of industrial activities, able to handle complex multi million programs with multiple partners around the globe.


    Co-founder & CTO

    Ph.D. chemist with more than 15 years of experience in the research and development of novel nanomaterials and nanocomposite materials, able to handle all the processes for the development of nanomaterials, from research and prototype development to large scale production.

    How we see things

    Our main goal is to efficiently bridge the research performed by the academia on the nanomaterials field with the needs of the industry and vice-versa.


    NanoQ offers access to a wide range of knowledge on materials science and state-of-the art processes.

    • Troubleshooting

      Problems are methodically dealt with. Identification and targeted solution of problems is possible based on our extensive knowledge and experience.

    • Innovation

      Our scientific background enables us to design novel materials with improved or new properties, capable of serving specific purposes.

    • Scale up

      Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Technoeconomic and other types of analyses are used to evolve basic concepts to mature Technologies of high Readiness Levels (TRLs).

    • Optimal performance

      Researching for answers than to create further questions. NANOQ combines the academic excellence and industry performance to deliver appliable results on time.


    We support our clients in the development of the production line to reach high Manufacturing Readiness Levels (MRLs)

    • Material solutions analysis

      Support in the identification of basic manufacturing implications and manufacturing concepts. We develop the manufacturing proof of concept and provide the data for the production of the technology in a laboratory environment.

    • Technology maturation and risk reduction

      Definition of the capabilities to produce the prototype components, system or subsystem, in a production relevant environment and the demonstration of the capability of production in a pilot line.

    • Engineering and manufacturing development

      Definition of the capabilities needed to produce systems, subsystems or components in a production representative environment, support the demonstration of the pilot line capability and the preparation of a low rate production.

    • Production and Deployment

      Support in the demonstration of a low rate production and define the capability in place to begin full rate production.

    • Operations and Support

      Support the demonstration of the full rate production and lean production practises in place with a continuous process improvements.

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